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About Me

I am a Physics PhD candidate at Stanford University. I mainly work on the ATLAS Experiment located at CERN. Recently, I also started working on another experiment called MAGIS-100, a new fundamental physics experiment utilizing atom interferometry, which will be installed at Fermilab.

My main physics interests include the Higgs, dark matter, and exotic signatures of new physics. In order to pursue such physics, I mainly work on the development of new data analysis methods, including applications of machine learning, and the development of future experimental equipments, like silicon pixel detectors. Visit my research page to learn more.

I am also very passionate about STEM education, advising/mentoring, and diversity & inclusion in the STEM academia. I have been developing and teaching PHYSICS 166/266, a new course on statistics for physics students. I also work with Stanford Center for Teaching & Learning to train other teaching assistants and improve teaching across the university. Visit my teaching page to learn more.

Before coming to Stanford, I did my undergraduate studies at University of Rochester. I graduated in May 2017 with a B.S. in Physics & Astronomy with Highest Distinction and a B.A. in Mathematics. With Prof. Regina Demina, I worked on observational cosmology research and formed the Rochester cosmology group. More specifically, I developed a new data analysis algorithm for studying galaxy distributions and large-scale structures in our universe, in preparation for the DESI project.

Outside of physics, I spend time writing, playing and watching basketball, playing around with non-physics datasets, and (most importantly) sleeping.

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I use he/him pronouns.