Sanha Cheong / education.enthusiast


I (occasionally) write some articles regarding physics, philosophy (of science), and other topics of my interest. There also may be articles about my experiences as a graduate student and a member of the academia. I hope that these writings are of some help/interests to some people.

Symmetry KR

Many scientists have worked very hard to publicize science, educate the public, and improve the general awareness, but the academia still needs much effort in such public outreach activities. Modern particle physics is an area that particularly needs more outreach efforts, because of the relatively high barrier of entry due to specific jargons and prerequisite mathematics.

As modern particle physics experiments are becoming large international collaborations, there is an increasing need for science outreach & public education in different languages, other than just English. As my personal contribution to such goals, I casually translate articles from Symmetry Magazine into Korean. I am staying in touch with the staffs at Symmetry Magazine as I work on these translations, but note that these are NOT official translations by Symmetry, nor do I officially work for them.